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The Extinction Fighterz is an underground movement of tigers living in the METAJUNGLE just outside of Metropolis, the largest city in the world.

The humans of Metropolis and our grumpy tigers didn’t get along all the time. There has been a period of violence and continuous expansion of Metropolis destroying and limiting their habitat.

Thanks to ZOTH KHAN, heir of the famous SHERE KHAN, the destiny of the METAJUNGLE was saved from the humans of Metropolis. The last tigers on earth formed the Extinction Fighterz, to claim their rights and to raise awareness between the humans of Metropolis. Too many have been silent for so long, but the bond between nature and humans is getting stronger everyday!


In order to promote the project and enhance the secondary market we got listed on Rarity Sniffer.
TIGER BREEDING SEASON: there will be a week in which the holders of a male and a female tiger will be able to mint a baby tiger for free, you holders will be able to set the price in the secondary market!
FIRST DONATION: People, start suggesting animal conservation associations to which we can donate and we will donate them the 15% of the cubz collection’s proceeds
LOTTERY IMPLEMENTATION: We will create a MATIC lottery which will allow the holders of our tigerz to join for a symbolic price the lottery and the more people join the lottery, the higher the cachet
WE ARE BUYING A LAND ON SANDBOX: We are buying a land to implement a virtual art gallery, that we will share with other projects that collaborate with us and 80% of the proceeds of the gallery will be given back to the community
PRICE PREDICTION: We’ll implement on our website a prediction machine that will allow you guys to bet on the movements of cryptos and get rewards when you get the result right
METAJUNGLE: We will implement the metajungle, but it’s too early to reveal the details, we are working on a great collab to build something really cool and valuable for you holders

Tigernomics Gen1

How rare is my tiger?

Today the planet Earth is populated by about 3,900 tigers. Meeting a tiger is extremely rare.

In order to repopulate their species, we created 7,800 digital ones. However, certain tigers are more peculiar and difficult to find than others. You can be the owner of one (or more) of them.

100% of our tigerz are crazy cool, but you gotta know that half of our tigerz are male, while the other half are female. Tigerz with a crown are the rarest, as well as the one with gold teeth and BTC Eyes.

To check the rarities of the first collection you can visit the website Rarity Ranks - Extinction Fighterz.

The rarities of the second collection will be uploaded on this website soon, as we are calculating them.


Jack C.

Cryptonaut, miner and feline lover. Flying projects to the moon as Aerospace Engeneer and NFT developer

Doc Brown

Administrator / Art Dealer, Animal lover. Crypto early investor


Dev & Social Media Manager. Blockchain and innovation freak. Sleeps all day, codes all night

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